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If you want to have a chic, elegant and powerful style statement then chooses any short hairstyle. Short hairstyle makes you confident and outgoing. It has an assertive glamorous look. There are many reasons why you should try a stylish short haircut at least for one time in your lifetime. It is true that you have to be brave enough to cut your long hair even if your long hair is damaged and lifeless. So, be brave and try this out. But, be sure about the style and how it will appear on your face and then apply it. A perfect short hair cut can give you a sophisticated, sexy look like Meg Ryan, Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone. But do not think that your hair cut will be looking exactly like your favorite stars. Actually their style is the outcome of several efforts and effects that their hairdressers give to their hair. It takes several hours and various type of styling tools and products. Since those are impossible for us and therefore do not expect that your hairstyle will be like that.

Old conceptions say that short hair cut cannot be sexy and cannot catch men's attention. But, Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone have proved them wrong. Theirs tousled hairstyle has made them the trendsetter. Their male fans are more than their female fans. So, the conception is not right today. But, the point is that a short hair cut with no variation, no appropriate texture, cannot be a good style. Your hairdresser should understand that a short haircut is not merely a boy's haircut. Your body structure and face cutting also are the considering facts.

Men will look at you and will be captured by your strong as well as your sexy personality. You may have an enchanting effect with your other wise short haircut, which was quite impossible with your boring and dull looking long hair. With least variation a plain braid or horsetail is so common now that hardly anyone looks at your hair. Well-cut short hair emphasizes femininity. If you introduce a textured layer and softness in your haircut then you will also be looking serene like Princess Diana. Chunky layers and softness cut into the style are really happening today. But, keep in your mind that too much of change of your hairstyle needs too much maintenance to keep your hair good and beautiful.

There is another advantage of a short hairstyle. Your otherwise thinner hair looks thicker and glossier. It looks healthier than the dull and damaged ends of longer hair. So, for thinner hair it is recommended.

Short hair cut is easy to manage and easy to handle. Short hair can make you look younger than your real age. Wrinkles are emphasized by the straight lines of long hair but short hair cut hide those fine lines.

Always remember that your haircut must go with your body structure. If you are not slim and have a bulky shape then you should avoid a short hairstyle. On the contrary a slim structure looks much sexier in this type of haircut.

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great tips, thanks!!

from my own bad experience of trying to copy a hairstyle that my favorite actress had - the boyish short hairstyle made her looks so gorgeous (she has slim face structure and of course beautiful face) but when i got the same haircut... i made a huge mistake, because the very short haircut made my face looked really big as i don't have a slim face like hers.....Sad

So, i totally agree with hairiron Smile

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Nice tips! Thank you. I never tried any different hairstyle than just leaving my hair thinking that it will not suit me. may be i will try with the tips given

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thanks so much for the info!

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Thanks a lot to share these nice tips.

These are really helpful for me.

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Short hair can appear young ,fashion and pure. Now a lot of famous stars are bobbed.It is almost become a kind of fashion.

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Thank you for sharing.I will take your suggestion.

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thx for post some much info learnt a lot

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