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I cant remember the last time I grew my hair. My hair is sensitive,naturally wavy and really soft. The longest I've grown is down to my upper arms and that's about it. The hair fall I experienced was outrageous! I couldnt seem to control it. I tried ginseng shampoo and it just wouldnt work。

I wonder if it has anything to do with my food consumption. I have a sweet tooth and when I start eating food like ice cream chocolate and ice cream cake, I cant and I wont stop, esp when there's a lot of things to do at work.

Any tips on how to care for my kind of flimsy hair??


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hi elly.ono, i used to worried about my daily hair loss in the past (still think about it sometimes), but after some readings about hair loss, made me to understand and except it better.

Basically most people routinely lose between 70 and 150 hairs from their scalp each day, mainly through washing, brushing, and combing.

You're right about the food consumption, because not only hair is very much vulnerable to the stresses and strains of your everyday life but also gets affected by the type and quality of food that you eat.


- Before washing your hair, always brush/comb it. It will help remove all the dirt from your hair, while shampooing.

- Give an oil massage to your scalp at least once in a week. Keep the oil overnight and wash your hair in the morning.

-Use less amount of shampoo, or even only use shampoo every other hair wash.

- Use lukewarm warm for washing your hair and for the final rinse, try to us as much cool water as possible.

- Avoid using hair dryer as much as you can. Rather, squeeze the wet hair; blot it with a towel and then let it air-dry.

- Never ever use a brush in your hair when it is wet, let it dry first. Otherwise, you might end up losing a lot of your hair.

- Cut down on refined, processed and canned foods. Stick to fresh food items as much as possible.

- Stay away from hair styling products as much as you can. Avoid exposing your hair to extremely hot or cold conditions.

- Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks, so as to prevent as well as get rid of split ends.


Protein: Meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt & sunflower seeds.

Vitamin A: Butter, eggs, milk, carrots, tomatoes, oily fish, dark green leafy vegetables & apricots.

Vitamin B: Milk, eggs, wholegrain cereals, bread, wheat germs, nuts, soy beans, poultry, fish & meat.

Vitamin D: Sunlight, fish liver oils, oily fish, milk & eggs.

Vitamin C: Blackcurrant, green peppers, citrus fruits, bananas, avocados, artichokes & leafy green vegetables.

Vitamin E: Wheat germ, peanuts, vegetable oils, pulses & green leafy vegetables.

Iron: Spinach, cockles, liver, kidneys, pulses, lentils, beans, peas & dried fruit.

Calcium: Cheese, nuts, eggs, milk, yogurt, sardines & root vegetables.

Iodine: Seafood, dried kelp & iodized salt.

Sulfur: Eggs, meat, cheese & other diary products.

If you're not a big fan of eating a lot fruits/vegetables daily, you could start taking daily vitamins.

Hope this will help Smile

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Good information!

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Thanks sunflower...

Nice information on dealing with hair-fall. My friend is losing lot of her hair everyday since 4 months. I will surely pass on this information to her.

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i am asian. hair rebond here is so "in" that you see most women here have their locks straight now.. problem is, there's a lot of hair fall after i had my hair rebonded. no amount of treatment is saving my locks... help!

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here are my tips.

1.Take care of your hair

  1. Ensure your hair is completely dry before you step out

When wet hair is exposed to direct sunlight, it can get damaged. It might result in hair fall and discolouration.

  1. Avoid hair dryers and hot curling tools. Try a desi trick!

Hair dryers and hot curling tools heat up your hair and tend to make it dry.

If you really want to go for the curly look, braid your hair when semi-wet.

This will settle into beautiful waves when dry.

  1. Be careful with those hair serums

Do not overuse shine products to control frizzes -- they often contain silicone that can coat your hair after just a few applications and can prove harmful.

  1. Swim safe and use the sun to your advantage!

A summer swim can be blissful. But chlorinated water can play havoc with your hair.

To prevent damage, wet your hair with tap water before you swim. The more wet your hair before you swim, the less salt water and chlorine it will absorb.

After the swim, rinse out the chlorinated water. And comb a dollop of deep-conditioning treatment on your hair. Let the heat of the sun help the treatment penetrate.

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i prefer the natural way and how this can be made the strengethening process of the hair furthermore impeccable.

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thanks for the info.does ur hair suffer from dandruff or ur family has history of bad hair?

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If you're like me and you hate going to the salon or if you have a tendency to put it off for months on end, ask your stylist for a cut that will rise out nicely. “billylowe” of Salon In Los Angeles told me a great haircut should last 3 months.

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I will surely pass on this information to her.

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