Paula Young® Offers Sarah Palin Look-Alike Volume Enhancer

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As The Debate Over Governor Palin's “Thinning” Hair Continues

Paula Young ® Provides Easy and Affordable Solutions

for Women Experiencing Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

As media around the world continue to debate whether Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s famous locks are indeed thinning -- and if stress is, or is not, the cause of this alleged hair problem -- hair fashion industry leader Paula Young® can shed light on solutions for women who are experiencing thinning hair, or who simply want to emulate Ms. Palin’s fashionable hairstyles.

Paula Young’s extensive collection of wigs, falls, volumizers, and clip-on hairpieces include a variety of products that actually mirror Governor Sarah Palin's signature hairstyles. In terms of thinning hair, volumizers are an ideal choice to add fullness; a volumizer slips on over a woman’s natural hair. The volumizer has a secure fit and then the wearer’s hair is woven through the openings in the piece. The result is a beautiful combination of the woman’s own hair with the added fullness from this innovative hairpiece. Paula Young® features a variety of volumizers, including fashion forward styles from the STYLE Collection by Jaclyn Smith. Created with her longtime hairstylist Jose Eber, the STLYE Collection is exclusively offered by Paula Young® and features wigs, falls, volumizers and clip on hair pieces such as sleek pony tails and up-do’s.

Over the past year, clientele eager to wear the “Palin Up-do” have barraged hair stylists across the country with requests for the sophisticated look. Women are putting politics aside to admire elegant hairstyles that are polished and flattering. Whether they are indeed thinning or not, Palin's sought-after hair styles can be achieved (or enhanced) with full coverage wigs, clip on pieces, volumizers and more.

About Paula Young®

Based in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Paula Young® is the world's leading retailer of hair inspirations. Since 1978, Paula Young® has been the trusted name for women in the United States and Canada in terms of quality, price and selection in the hair fashion industry. With more than two million customers, Paula Young® offers a variety of beautiful styles - long and short, curly and straight, in a full range of natural colors - in no-fuss synthetic fibers as well as luxurious 100% human hair. Featuring both classic and fashion-forward style options, Paula Young® provides stylish, affordable, high-quality hair enhancements at affordable prices to women of all ages.

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i got great hair care tips here

the most extensively held false impression relating to hair is that it is live organic material, and everyone thinks that newly discovered commercial medicine/any hair related product would solve the condition. This is a wrong notion that people have in their mind but the truth is that hair is only living matter at its base below the surface of the scalp and not on it's tip. Like the tip of one's fingernail, hair is non-living matter, and can be clipped shorter and discarded. This fact alone brings us to two important finales about how one may preserve stronger and better looking with shiny hair.

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