how do I get Kristen Stewart's hair? HELP PLEASE

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Hi I am new to this forum and hoping that someone could help me. I fell in love with Kristen Stewart's hair. I love her messy bedhead look. I am getting the same haircut as her but I would like to know how to get her hairstyle. I don't want to use any curling iron or straightner because my hair is fine and gets damaged very easily. I learned this after years of straightening and curling.

Someone plz help, btw I dont want this cuz I'm in love wit Twilight or anything, I just rly like the look of it in general. Also if you could put up the products you recommend and also I read that Sea Salt spray would achieve this look is this true or not?

Thank you!! Question

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go to her website and post the question!

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There are so many sites where you can search how to get Kristen Stewart’s hair style. Or you can ask a hair stylist to get your haircut like that. I know about “Billy Lowe “Celebrity Hair Salon In Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. They maybe help you to get this hairstyle.

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Hey Friends its the magic of Ash-ABhi again which Raavan has brought to us.Its a total hit movie and the what I liked more about the movie is Rehman's music.'Ranjh-Ranjha' and 'Beera' really rocked. It was awesome hearing sukhwinder in the song 'Beear'. Hey friends do watch the movie,a must watch movie. and Also Aishwarya's long Hair

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You dont be happy with what you have!

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