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If you have purchased a wig, you should know how to take care of it. Thus, your wig will last long. There are 10 tips to take care of your wigs.

1 Have a set of proper garnishing such as a wig brush, wig comb, wig shampoo and conditioner, wig stand, wig hair spray and other garnishes meant for styling.

2 Do not brush your wig with a normal comb or hairbrush. Use the proper accessories.

3 Before putting on wig, build sure your own hair is clean and dry.

4 Do not trim or cut your wig by yourself if you are not good at it. A help from a wig salon or those expert at wig trimming is the best.

5 If you are doing actions like cooking or barbecuing, please do not stand too near, because the heat can damage your wig.

6 Wash your wigs each two weeks if you wear it daily for about ten hours. Though, the occurrence to wash your wigs also depends on other factors like the styling products, the environment and the weather.

7 Never use hot water for washing your wigs, use cool water in its place.

8 Use shampoo or hair cleanser specially enthusiastic for wigs.

9 If there is makeup build-up at any part of your wigs, it can be removed by using old toothbrush and hand soap

10 Never brush your wig while it is wet and never use hairdryer, let it dry naturally. Rolling Eyes Embarassed Rolling Eyes Embarassed

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hello i am new here two

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I joined this forum today .. so i am also new,,,,

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