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do you ever wish you tried a different hairstyle the day of your wedding? what style did you use? i had mine half down and the part that was up was styled in a fountain, real pretty, but sometimes i wish i would have had it all up

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I always wish I would have done things a bit more simple now. At the time i wanted some big elaborate wedding and all that went along with that. Funny how we change.

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YES I am married Smile

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I'm a petite gal and had my hairdo to be more high and fancy so i looked taller....for really, and i'm happy that i did. For me, your wedding is somewhat they say "your once in a life time thing" so i want to do something more special to my wedding hair rather than simple since i can always do "simple" hairstyles on weekend out or for special occasions like go to somebody's wedding, birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers etc. but if it's my wedding, i want to stand out in the crowd....i know as a bride you already gets alot of attention during the wedding but i want them to say "wow"....that's just me.

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i am not married, well i will prefer something simple hair style for , all i will keep my hair free. that suits me more.

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