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Posted by: smilie on 09/13/2004 - 12:38 PM

On a recent plane trip my family had plenty of opportunity to try out the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, which kept our dried-out skin feeling fresh - though somewhat dripping when we overdid it.

The face spray contains "bio-activated aloe water" - whatever that means - a "potent skin firming agent" and soothing chamomile and vitamin E (so don't think it's just water!). The spray is good to use when your skin feels tired and dry from air-conditioning or heating. Be careful and spray it from a sufficient distance so you only get a mist of the stuff, otherwise it might rub off any make-up you might be wearing; one 150 ml. bottle is NIS 165.

A colleague addicted to the scent of vanilla since childhood was excited to receive the Vanilla eau de parfum made by The Body Shop. The expectations were high, but unfortunately, the fragrance didn't live up to them. The perfume was found to be very oily, and the scent evaporated very quickly; whatever scent that remained wasn't to her liking. Even the matching body oil was reported to be less oily than the perfume. The advantage of the Body Shop's scent seems to be the price: a 50 ml. bottle of eau de toilette is NIS 99, and a 30 ml. bottle of the eau de parfum is NIS 80, and the body oil is NIS 35.

Foot cream and related products are a must-have during the summer, when feet suffer from exposure to the elements. Scholl has a new collection of foot-care products, aimed at women aged 25 and up (although nothing should withhold men from rubbing in the cream as well). The intensive moisturizing cream promises to provide 24 hours of continuous hydration, and it does indeed feel very rich, although not sticky, and is absorbed quickly. It is advised to use it two to three times a week after the Gentle Foot Scrub; there is also a Softening Lotion for daily use; each one of these three products costs NIS 49.

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