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Weight Loss Motivation

Posted by: Smilie on Monday/December 17/2007 - 12:56 PM
Health Fitness 
1. Buy a piece of clothing you love. Hang it out in full view, so you can see it everyday. Remind yourself that you will be wearing it as soon as your goal is reached.

2. Put pictures on your refrigerator and food cabinets of people who have the body weight you want. Look at these thoroughly each time you go to the food places. Contemplate yourself in that body before you open that frig or cabinet.

3. Tell others what your goal is. Tell them what your benchmarks are. When you tell others that you are going....

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Herbal and Natural Weight Loss

Posted by: Smilie on Monday/December 17/2007 - 12:52 PM
Health Fitness 
Quite a number of people claim weight loss success through the use of herbal treatments and supplements. There are a wide variety recommended by just as wide a group of diverse people. Basically, herbal supplements perform two functions:

1. The action of some natural ingredients trick the brain into thinking the stomach is full. This concept is actually quite accurate, because the "fullness" of the stomach is actually a signal sent by the brain which results in a person’s cessation of eating. Soy protein is a natural ingredient which actually expands a bit in the stomach. It is....

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What tops can I wear when I have big arms?

Posted by: Smilie on Sunday/November 04/2007 - 11:33 PM
When you go shopping for shirts, you should always inspect the arms to see if there is elastic band in the sleeves. If there is, and the sleeve is shorter than three-quarter length, put the shirt back immediately. Most kinds of puff sleeve are disasters waiting to happen for thick-limbed women, because no matter how good the shirt looks on you, those bands are going to cut right into your upper arms. You also want to avoid sleeveless tops and halter necks. Both shirts create narrow necklines that end up making your arms look huge.

You can wear flimsy....

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Keep up with old weight-loss resolutions

Posted by: Smilie on Friday/July 20/2007 - 02:01 AM
Health Fitness 
• The little black dress: All right, it doesn’t have to be black, and it doesn’t have to be a dress, but it does have to be little. Too little or too tight for you to wear comfortably or tastefully. It could be a favorite pair of shorts, a sleeveless tank top or a sundress. Some successful long-term weight-loss experts feel it is motivating for them to bring out old clothes that no longer fit as a visual motivator. Seeing that itsy bitsy teeny weenie little bikini might propel you to action.

• Try eating at home more often:....

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Self-Tanner Advice

Posted by: Smilie on Sunday/May 27/2007 - 11:22 PM
Beauty Tips 
Self-tanners and bronzers can make women look great in the summer without spending too much time in the sun. But the trick is knowing the right way to apply them.

"Self-tanners are great because they hide a lot of the imperfections all over our bodies that we sort of don't want people to see," says Alyssa Hertzig, Beauty Editor, Good Housekeeping. "They even out the skin's texture. They give you a gorgeous glow, and they just make everything look a whole lot better."

Sometimes the problem with self-tanners is you can get a little bit of a streak.....

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Eat right, exercise key to healthy lifestyle

Posted by: smilie on Monday/January 08/2007 - 05:26 AM
Health Fitness 
The food and physical activity choices you make today — and everyday — affect your health and how you feel right now and in the future.

To maintain good health, make smart choices from every food group to give your body the balanced nutrition it needs, being sure to stay within your daily calorie needs.

Exercising regularly is just as important, which helps control body weight, promotes a feeling of well being, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Since not all people are the same, the need for a more individualized approach to improving diet and lifestyle is necessary.

• Make half your....

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Exercise Can Be Critical for Diabetics

Posted by: smilie on Monday/November 13/2006 - 01:24 AM
Health Fitness 
If you are diabetic, the National Diabetes Education Program ( recommends that healthier lifestyle include eating the correct portions of healthy foods, eating less salt and fat, staying at a healthy weight, giving up smoking, taking your medication as prescribed, brushing and flossing each day, checking your blood glucose levels as recommended by your physician and getting 30 to 60 minutes of activity on most days.

For the average person, exercising regularly is a good idea, but for a diabetic exercise is critical for many reasons. For starters, it will help you maintain a healthy weight, while storing too much fatty....

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Diet changes speed up stalling weight loss

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/October 29/2006 - 11:18 PM
Health Fitness 
For starters, the human body adapts to the sudden changes and weight loss slows down. With your new diet in place, less food often reduces sodium intake causing net loss of water - water loss slows as sodium loss in diet slows.

Rapid reduction of food intake triggers starvation mode and lowers metabolism quickly.

Also, skipping meals too often may produce intense food cravings caused by lower blood sugar levels. Many dieters save their calories for one big meal and that slows down that metabolism.

Try the following tips when having trouble losing weight:

Keep active with regular exercise. ....

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TALK about getting a New Face.

Posted by: smilie on Thursday/October 05/2006 - 11:13 PM
Beauty Tips 
1. Prepare your canvas Just like a painting, our face needs to be carefully cleaned and prepped before applying make-up.

M.A.C's Prep and Prime creams smoothen the face for easier application and make makeup colours sharper and more dramatic.

2. Complement your dressing Always ensure that your makeup goes well with your clothes.

It is not necessary to use the same shade as your outfit, but choose a colour that will complete your look.

For example, the '60s retro look goes perfectly with bright hues.

3. Warm or cool - know your tone Remember that not all colours are suitable for different skin tones.

Asians have warm skin tones,....

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Emotional intimacy the key to better sex

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/September 17/2006 - 11:06 PM
It all begins with emotional and verbal communication.

Good sex does not just happen naturally, said Lily McNair, a psychology professor at Spelman College. ''If you're in love and you're together, it's just supposed to be good -- one size fits all. But it's not that way.''

Before having sex, talk about your expectations, what you like and the role of sex in your relationship, she recommends. Such discussions can be difficult and require a lot of time, effort, vulnerability and trust.

Once you break through the communication gap, you can reap the emotional and physical benefits of a healthy sex life.

Studies suggest....

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Beauty Tips For Women Based on Age

Posted by: smilie on Saturday/September 09/2006 - 05:46 PM
Beauty Tips 

Experiment with colors and textures, like sheer green shadow and shimmery highlighter. Your skin is at its best and you will look good in anything. And be vigilant about SPF every day to keep it that way.


Keep up with the trends, but it's now time to carve out your signature style. Pick a feature and play it up -- if it's your eyes, choose a neutral liner to make them pop, like brown or gray. If it's your lips, apply lipstick (or gloss) and then liner for a natural look that lasts.

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Health: Pregnancy Nutrition

Posted by: smilie on Saturday/September 02/2006 - 09:08 PM
Health Fitness 
Pregnant women are supposed to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and taking prenatal vitamins. Now research is showing it is actually important for your child's breathing later in life.

Lauren McGrail is seven weeks pregnant, but she's spent months preparing her body.

“I try to get a lot of sleep, I get 8 hours a night and take my vitamins and try to eat a balanced diet,” she said.

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Woman finds, shares fun route to weight loss

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/August 27/2006 - 10:34 PM
Health Fitness 
Different eating styles

Taylor takes a humorous approach to bad eating habits in her Top Ten Ecumenical Eating Styles:

1. The Unconscious Eater: "If you find yourself covered in cookie crumbs and do not have any memory of eating cookies, you are an unconscious eater," Taylor said. "Wake up!"

2. Gulp 'n' Go: Eating on the run leads to indigestion and poor nutritional choices. Instead, have a seat and enjoy a meal.

3. Food Architect: If you're playing with your food, you're eating unconsciously while you're doing it.

4. Assembly-Line Eater: "Doesn't anybody put down their fork between bites?" Taylor asked. Slow down and take....

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Structured exercise improves potential for weight loss

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/July 26/2006 - 03:40 PM
Health Fitness 
Every day, I hear a girl say something about how she wishes she were in better shape. I will be the first to say that I have also uttered those exact words without even the slightest intention of doing anything about it. But now, I'm going to.

I still work out during the school year as a part of the club volleyball team, but during the summer or various breaks from class, I find that the most exercise in my days consists of walking from my bedroom to the kitchen to retrieve the rest of the ice cream I didn't finish....

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'Food porn’ addiction unhealthy for women

Posted by: smilie on Thursday/June 15/2006 - 02:41 AM
Health Fitness 
Americans have become lazy, and heart disease has entrenched itself as the No. 1 women-killer for several years.

Doctors are, however, paying attention to how heart disease manifests itself in women, Atkinson said, and have discovered a common link among heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and a host of other autoimmune conditions: Inflammatory reactions.

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Beauty tips from the skin experts

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/May 31/2006 - 05:18 PM
Al-Sanabel Al-Thahabeyah (Sebamed) held an awareness lecture yesterday for students at Bayan high school for girls. Many teenagers suffer from acne due to changing hormones, diet and stress. Sebamed offered the lecture to provide girls with information about how to take care of their skin. Hana'a, a pharmacist with Sebamed, opened the session by talking about skin types and cleaning treatments and methods. "There are several types of skin. One of them is normal. This is the best type of skin, its nice, soft and easy to deal with. Normal skin is smooth and firm to the touch. Another type is....

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Healthy habits key to heart health for women

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/May 31/2006 - 04:42 PM
Health Fitness 
Eat your fiber

"Only plants have fiber, so anything with fiber, by definition, is packed with other nutrients," Savard said.

That includes all your fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If it's been processed, you're not getting the health benefits, she said.

"Don't just buy brown bread because it says multigrain," she said. "It has to say whole grain because multigrain could mean they stripped out all the fiber and added a little molasses to make it darker."

Know your fat

"Fat is not the enemy," Savard said. "In some ways, it is really critical to our health but that is the olive oil, canola oil,....

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Single women, double standard

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/March 29/2006 - 01:52 PM
HERE is the tale of two successful women, both well educated, who chose the world of politics over corporate careers and bigger paypackets.

By doing so they both willingly signed up for public scrutiny over privacy. Neither have married or had children.

One is constantly on the receiving end from commentators not content with challenging her on policy, but who also resort to slagging off her personal circumstances.

They want to make her private life seem so far removed from yours that you begin to wonder how she could adequately represent you.

Some of her detractors are the same sycophants who wax lyrical in....

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Secrets for Flawless Makeup

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/March 12/2006 - 05:59 AM
10 expert tricks to help you get a polished makeup look.

Foundations, Primers, and More

For the prettiest, most presentable makeup look, skip the trends and follow these tips. You're guaranteed to look polished and perfect!

1. Buy the proper foundation. An off-color base will make every other cosmetic you apply look not quite right. Splurge on foundation at the department store, where you can ask for help in finding the right shade.

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Tips for achieving good health and getting fit

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/March 12/2006 - 05:41 AM
Health Fitness 
Getting and remaining fit isn’t all about developing muscles; it has a lot to do with exercising and eating healthy.

“In order to have a healthy body, a person should follow a nutrition guide and exercise primarily every day,” Anderson said. “They should also get five to seven servings of fruit, lean protein, 25 to 35 grams of fiber every day, a minimum 64 ounces of water every day, and three servings of dairy.

“Exercise has been proven to slow down blood pressure, cholesterol and help with weight loss,” Anderson said.

The excuse most individuals use is not having the time to exercise,....

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