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Posted by: smilie on 01/03/2005 - 02:41 PM

The monsoon season ends and winter sets in, the colours in every wardrobe change dramatically from bold to mellow and bright to pastels.

Shops & boutique houses are bringing out their winter collections. Gear up to face this bitter winter with our skincare tips for this season to get a fresh , smooth and silky skin. Read on..

Winter often spells disaster for your skin. It looks rough and chapped, feels tight and drawn. What should be one of your greatest assets becomes one of your biggest beauty problems. You have to take extra care for your skin during this season and with our tips you will find that having a beautiful skin is not that difficult after all.

Steam Facials: During the winter months, a steam facial once or twice a week is an excellent way to open pores and revitalise dull skin. You can easily do it at home.

Drink Lots of Water: This is essential for having a beautiful and glowing skin. Up your water intake by drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day.

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