Single women, double standard

Posted by: smilie on 03/29/2006 - 01:52 PM

HERE is the tale of two successful women, both well educated, who chose the world of politics over corporate careers and bigger paypackets.

By doing so they both willingly signed up for public scrutiny over privacy. Neither have married or had children.

One is constantly on the receiving end from commentators not content with challenging her on policy, but who also resort to slagging off her personal circumstances.

They want to make her private life seem so far removed from yours that you begin to wonder how she could adequately represent you.

Some of her detractors are the same sycophants who wax lyrical in their praise of the other female politician.

Given the women are from opposite ends of the political spectrum, that is not surprising.

After all, it clear for whom these commentators vote.

What I find perplexing is that the two traits that unite these women – being single and child-free – is only used against one of them.

Why is it they believe it is no impediment to Condoleezza Rice's career not to have children or a partner – but it is to Julia Gillard?

It seems being an accomplished pianist and ice-skater gets the world's most powerful woman off the hook on the domesticity front.

But since our Federal Opposition health spokesman hasn't shown evidence of being gifted in the same musical and physical sense as Condi, she must have a kitchen which looks like she's constantly baking in it when not in parliamentary Question Time.

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