Beauty Tips For Women Based on Age

Posted by: smilie on 09/09/2006 - 05:46 PM


Experiment with colors and textures, like sheer green shadow and shimmery highlighter. Your skin is at its best and you will look good in anything. And be vigilant about SPF every day to keep it that way.


Keep up with the trends, but it's now time to carve out your signature style. Pick a feature and play it up -- if it's your eyes, choose a neutral liner to make them pop, like brown or gray. If it's your lips, apply lipstick (or gloss) and then liner for a natural look that lasts.


Invest in the finest tools possible. Brushes that make blending easy are an absolute must. You need to avoid any harsh lines, which are extremely aging. Keep an eyelash curler handy to look awake. And look into cream blushes and shadows now. They look softer on skin and often give a youth-enhancing glow.

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