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Posted by: Smilie on 05/27/2007 - 11:22 PM

Self-tanners and bronzers can make women look great in the summer without spending too much time in the sun. But the trick is knowing the right way to apply them.

"Self-tanners are great because they hide a lot of the imperfections all over our bodies that we sort of don't want people to see," says Alyssa Hertzig, Beauty Editor, Good Housekeeping. "They even out the skin's texture. They give you a gorgeous glow, and they just make everything look a whole lot better."

Sometimes the problem with self-tanners is you can get a little bit of a streak. If you put a little too much product in one area, it will look darker than the other areas. Here are a few quick tips to help you avoid those problems.

Tip 1: Before you begin, decide which type of self-tanner fits your needs.

"Creams and lotions are probably the easiest self-tanners to apply," says Hertzig. "As long as you apply them in a circular motion and really make sure you cover every inch of your body, you really can avoid streaks with them."

One product the Good Housekeeping Institute recommends is Dove Energy Glow. It's actually a moisturizer mixed with a little bit of tanner, so you're not going to turn dark right away. The color is actually going to develop over the course of the week, so it's very subtle.

Tip 2: Sprays are quickest and they're excellent at reaching awkward areas like the backs of thighs and knees.

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