Dietitian says eating the right foods is the key to healthy living

Posted by: smilie on 01/03/2005 - 02:56 PM

As the calender rolls into 2005, some people make resolutions to become healthy.

Many turn to a variety of methods, including fad diets that limit carbohydrates, to lose weight.

As people began to explore nutritional options, Debbie Herbst, dietitian at McCune-Brooks Hospital, recommends limiting portion sizes and better food choices as a way to begin a healthy lifestyle.

"Fad diets do not work," Herbst said. "It's unrealistic to avoid a certain food group.

"It's just not healthy."

Herbst said in the short term, a person may experience a weight loss; however, long term problems may develop, especially with diets that focus on eating large amounts of protein.

"The basics never change," Herbst said. "[You] can lose weight by eating less fat, drinking water and controlling your portion size."

Herbst said a person making a New Year's resolution to eat better needs to look at where he or she can make lifestyle changes.

"You can do things like being sure to eat three times a day," she said. "If you eat more often, you will eat less overall."

Eating at least three meals each day helps individuals prevent having low blood sugar, which can help prevent overeating.

Herbst recommends approaching new eating habits slowly, with small changes.

"Long-term change comes in steps," she said. "If people are not doing anything, they can began to eat at least two fruits and two vegetables per day."

Another suggestion Herbst makes is to reduce, not eliminate, high caloric foods such as candies, carbonated beverages and desserts.

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