Weight Loss Motivation

Posted by: Smilie on 12/17/2007 - 12:56 PM

  1. Buy a piece of clothing you love. Hang it out in full view, so you can see it everyday. Remind yourself that you will be wearing it as soon as your goal is reached.

  2. Put pictures on your refrigerator and food cabinets of people who have the body weight you want. Look at these thoroughly each time you go to the food places. Contemplate yourself in that body before you open that frig or cabinet.

  3. Tell others what your goal is. Tell them what your benchmarks are. When you tell others that you are going to lose a specific amount of weight by a certain time, you will feel more motivated, because you will not want to admit that you "cheated" and didn't reach the goal.

  4. Ask for support. Tell your family and friends that you need them to get "on board" with your plan. They have to refrain from tempting you or eating enticing fattening foods in front of you. Your husband or wife can do his/her "fat food" eating while away from home. Our friends can go out with you to restaurants that have "light" fare, and eat that light fare with you.

  5. Find another friend who wants to lose weight too. Do it together. There is strength in numbers.

  6. Join a weight loss program - they are all over town. Regular meetings and celebrations of everyone's small successes will serve to keep you on the right track.

    Most important, reward yourself for your success. After you have lost 15 pounds, have one item on your list of favorite foods that you have denied yourself. And then, back to it!

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Weight Loss Motivation

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