Consider ways to maintain healthy lifestyle for holidays

Posted by: smilie on 12/14/2005 - 04:16 AM

If you are concerned about being healthy, the holidays are enough to drive you mad. Unless you are running late for a very important date, take a few minutes to review these healthy holiday tips.

Keep exercise high on the priority list. Exercise provides much-needed stress relief. It improves sleep. It improves feelings of self-worth and mental well-being.

Make an appointment for exercise on your calendar, and keep it! If weather is keeping you from your normal exercise routine, go to the mall before shopping hours. Most area malls open their doors early for walkers and post information about distance. For example, the inside perimeter of Northpark mall upper level equals one-half mile.

Also, look for ways to add physical activity during every day activities. Park in the furthest space from the mall. You will save time and get some physical activity.

Take a walk through the mall before you begin shopping. Use the stairs, or walk up the escalator.

Talk it up. "Conversation is calorie-free!" says the American Dietetic Association. When you go to a party, greet friends and family before heading for the food. Make conversation in the middle of the room, away from bowls of nuts or chips on side-tables.

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