What tops can I wear when I have big arms?

Posted by: Smilie on 11/04/2007 - 11:33 PM

When you go shopping for shirts, you should always inspect the arms to see if there is elastic band in the sleeves. If there is, and the sleeve is shorter than three-quarter length, put the shirt back immediately. Most kinds of puff sleeve are disasters waiting to happen for thick-limbed women, because no matter how good the shirt looks on you, those bands are going to cut right into your upper arms. You also want to avoid sleeveless tops and halter necks. Both shirts create narrow necklines that end up making your arms look huge.

You can wear flimsy shirts that are long-sleeved with floating cuffs. The delicate fabric and airy cut will give your wrists a daintiness that extends all the way up the elbow. Nobody has to know what's hidden in the upper half.

There are shirts that have small puffs on the shoulder seams, and if the fit is right for you, these can be a great choice. The puff makes the whole arm look smaller, but again, only if the fit is just right. If the sleeves are too tight, or the puffs are a smidge too big, the elegance of the look is destroyed. Because large upper arms can be hard to accommodate with off-the-rack shirts, you must be diligent about trying things on.

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What tops can I wear when I have big arms?

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