Herbal and Natural Weight Loss

Posted by: Smilie on 12/17/2007 - 12:52 PM

Quite a number of people claim weight loss success through the use of herbal treatments and supplements. There are a wide variety recommended by just as wide a group of diverse people. Basically, herbal supplements perform two functions:

1. The action of some natural ingredients trick the brain into thinking the stomach is full. This concept is actually quite accurate, because the "fullness" of the stomach is actually a signal sent by the brain which results in a person’s cessation of eating. Soy protein is a natural ingredient which actually expands a bit in the stomach. It is free of fat, carbohydrate and sugar, and is considered an ideal diet food. If it is prepared in a method pleasing to taste, it can become a staple of many dieters. Soy has a tendency to produce gas, however, so it may be wise to take an anti-gas medication if soy is to become a large part of your diet.

2. A number of herbs actually speed up metabolism, giving the dieter much more energy. More energy means more activity. More activity means more calorie burning. Some of the most common herbals producing this effect are ephedrine, guarana, St. John’s Wart, nettle, dandelion, green tea and cayenne. Before taking any of these, however, it would be wise to investigate studies and reports about the possible side effects of their use. Ephedrine(commonly called ephedra), for example, has been suspect in causing high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Because most clerks in health food stores are not completely versed in the potential effects of these supplements, it would be wise to check them out on the Internet and to consult your physician before you begin a regular regimen of intake. Others, like green tea, dandelion, cayenne and St. John’s Wart have not been linked to negative side effects and are considered to be relatively safe.

Herbal and natural weight loss treatments are certainly an option as you explore what works in your case. Again, however, remember to thoroughly investigate any one that you are considering, check with your doctor, and be aware that you want to use them in conjunction with other methods.

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