Harmony: The Unspoken Element Of Weight Loss

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/September 25/2005 - 08:49 PM
Health Fitness 
I don’t know about you, but there are very few things I find more relaxing and enjoyable than listening to good music -- particularly when it’s accompanied by great vocal harmony.

Maybe it’s because I’m a musician who grew up during the 1960s, a heyday for folk music. The sound of beautiful voices dancing together in time always makes me stop and listen. What does this have to do with weight loss and healthy living? Well, turn up the volume and keep listening.

I was sitting at my desk and starting to get my thoughts together regarding a topic for this article....

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Women keeping young and staying fit

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/September 25/2005 - 08:41 PM
Health Fitness 
The classes are for women of any age, but she wants to particularly target women fifty and over to get them active, and stressed that these exercise and will not put any stress on anyone’s bodies.

The oldest member of the group is eighty-four year old Clarice Myrie, who has benefited a lot from the classes, said Ms Brown. The group also discuss general health, including nutrition, with the aim of encouraging women to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“I’d love to see people get active. People think you have to have expensive equipment, but with this programme, we just use mats.


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Get Sexy hair now

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/September 14/2005 - 06:22 PM
To get the look, hair stylist Renya Xydis says, “Twist wet hair onto Hot Sticks, allow to dry, rake fingers through and tease from underneath for volume.”

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The Look of Fall 2005

Posted by: smilie on Thursday/September 08/2005 - 03:50 AM
Brown is the new basic Brown is taking over as the new fashion basic. Pair vibrant peacock blues or emerald greens with basic brown. Other fall shades include purple, plum, cinnamon, mango and burnt orange. Metallics are back in a big way, gold and sliver accentuate fashion garments and accessories this season.

Layers are the look

Camis, tanks and t shirts embellished with sequins or gemstones are perfect under a jacket, shrug or cape. Look for micro capes, shrugs with a satin ribbon tie and fur trimmed capes. Brocade jackets are stylish and luxurious, this is the fabric of the season.The brocade....

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be a real babe

Posted by: smilie on Monday/September 05/2005 - 07:04 PM
Beauty Tips 
• Keep your skincare routine simple. "Find out your skin type and then work out what is absolutely essential to care for and nourish your skin," recommends Bourke. "Toners are only needed if you have any oil flow, otherwise they're a luxury. Instead of day and night creams - buy a serum then use the cream over the top both day and night."

• Use soap-free products to prevent skin drying out. "Buy a soap-free body cleanser and use it in the bath or shower with a cleansing sponge."

• Make sure you always wear a low-irritant sunscreen and a hat when....

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Summer 2005 Sizzles with Sequins

Posted by: smilie on Saturday/August 20/2005 - 08:27 PM
Summer 2005 is full of “bling”—a buzzword used to describe the rhinestones, sequins and beads that adorn clothing, accessories and shoes. The glitz adds a romantic twist with a hint of retro 70s style for the season.

Bright Colors

Textured fabrics, whimsical floral printsTextured fabrics, whimsical floral prints, and sparkling sequins add interest and excitement to any outfit. A bold, vibrant palette of rich ocean turquoise, crisp salad greens and shades of golden and mango orange paired with beautiful pink lipstick are the colors to keep an eye out for.

Fun, Feminine Skirts

Nothing says summer like a skirt—a great way to keep you....

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Stress Less, Live More

Posted by: smilie on Saturday/August 20/2005 - 08:26 PM
Stress can be an overwhelmingly powerful emotion. Ask anyone who’s ever experienced an anxiety attack while standing in line at the grocery store and they can quickly attest to the powerful punch that stress packs. Long-term neglect of a stressful lifestyle can contribute to premature aging and medical conditions, including hypertension, and digestive disorders.

Conquering things beyond our abilitiesAccording to the American Psychiatric Association, women ranging in age from mid twenties to late thirties are more prone to experiencing physical and mental symptoms as a result of stress than men. One contributor to this finding....

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5 Fashion Trends You Thought You Couldn't Wear

Posted by: smilie on Friday/July 29/2005 - 01:35 AM
Every season brings new trends. And among the clothing looks we love and the looks we loathe are the looks we long for, but feel we can't quite pull off. But what if we told you that you probably can pull off some of those items -- if you wear them the right way? Here, five big trends you might think you can't wear and tips on how to make them work.

The Full Skirt

If you're a woman with curvy hips, ample thighs, or a bit of a belly, you probably stay away from voluminous bottoms for fear that they'll make....

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Swimwear Report: Summer 2005 Trends

Posted by: smilie on Friday/July 29/2005 - 01:18 AM
Lamé and Metallics

Let your inner goddess shine in a divine metallic suit. This trend shows up in the briefest of bikinis as well as beautifully constructed one-pieces, so it will work for any body type. And for that extra touch of glamour, cover up with a sheer chiffon wrap or dress.

Tribal Chic

Don't have room in your budget to plan an African safari this summer? That doesn't mean you can't bring a little taste of the Serengeti to your beach vacation. Deep, rich hues and strong prints are what make this trend - and its wearer - stand out. To complete....

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Shoes are worth 1,000 words

Posted by: smilie on Thursday/July 07/2005 - 03:44 AM
According to Cleary, a woman who enjoys the open-toe shoe look is detail-orientated and has a flare for the arts. Sneakers often find their way onto the feet of witty women who enjoy sarcastic or ironic humour; while the stiletto, an obvious favourite of Cleary's and a shoe she believes all women should aspire to own, is worn by confident, self-possessed women.

While her tips on completing the look — beauty tips on how to customize a pair of shoes or tips on what to wear with them — are noteworthy, the writing is riddled with too many clichés and assumptions.....

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Women and casual sex

Posted by: smilie on Thursday/June 30/2005 - 12:34 AM
"IT COMES DOWN to the idea that people believe women don't like sex as much as men do!" says Emily Dubberley.

The English sex writer/ author and I laugh and snort with derision. It's the scorn of a female duo for whom this obviously doesn't apply.

However, it's very relevant to the subject we're discussing on the phone with such animation.

We're talking about casual sex and why it's always been seen as a male trait and not a female practice. This is, of course, because men have historically led the field in promoting casual sexual encounters while, traditionally, women have sought relationships.


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Riding in style

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/June 22/2005 - 05:47 PM
For years, women were seen as an ornament on the back of a motorcycle.

Today, however, those leather-clad mamas are telling their men to move over and get their own ride.

Lily Gonzalez, 42, got her first motorcycle as an anniversary present from her husband, Paul, two years ago and has been taking to the roads ever since.

"I think it is the sense of freedom that draws women to riding," Gonzalez said. "It is just you and the road."

Although she has been riding for only a few years, Gonzalez has always been interested in the world of motorcycles and the culture that....

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Overcome obstacles to weight loss

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/June 15/2005 - 01:57 AM
Health Fitness 
The fix: Retrain your appetite. Many people think if they have even a little room for more food, they're still hungry. Stop eating when you'd like five more bites.

Eat more frequently. Beat deprivation by having six mini meals a day. This stabilizes blood-sugar levels, which keeps you satisfied and prevents bingeing.

"I hate it when people ask me how my diet is going." Experts believe that letting people in on your diet plans is a good move. If you keep the info to yourself, you're practically planning to fail. Yet the downside is that the "How's it going?" question makes you....

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Stepping into Summer Fashion

Posted by: smilie on Monday/June 06/2005 - 02:02 AM
Stepping into fashion this summer is so simple--just focus on your feet.

* Funky sandals are a must! Clear acrylic, beaded, and bright, colorful sandals make excellent choices.

* With the emphasis on your feet, now is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a pedicure.

The breeze of romance is in the air. The look is clean, simple and ultra-feminine.

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Finding peace, escape from hectic lifestyle

Posted by: smilie on Monday/June 06/2005 - 01:48 AM
You're driving to work one day, with a monster 18-wheeler riding your bumper, thinking about how you're going to meet that 3 p.m. deadline, and suddenly it hits you: This is not the way life is supposed to be.

The years go by quickly when you have a career and family to fill your days. Even vacations often seem just as hectic as daily life. But there is an alternative.

More people are taking advantage of a growing number of retreat centers in the area to take time out, to take stock of their lives, to find spiritual perspective and renewal. It's a....

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Steppin' Out In Style!

Posted by: smilie on Friday/June 03/2005 - 03:36 AM
Sick of feeling like you've got no style?

Internationally known beauty expert Diane Irons has the top secrets for putting some flair into your fashion sense.

Here are some of the best ways for you to go from blah to bombshell in just a few simple steps.

1. Style is not being afraid to stand out. You can accomplish your own personal style by taking an article of clothing and wearing it in an innovative way.

2. Style is having a having a trademark and being recognized for it. It could simply mean that you're never seen without red shoes or a red purse!


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Is the Key to Weight Loss in Your Genes?

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/May 10/2005 - 06:14 PM
Health Fitness 
Could something called the DNA diet help you in your quest to lose weight?

Nutritionist Carolyn Katzin created the personalized eating plan based on your genetics.

"You may look at somebody who 's very skinny and they eat an enormous amount of food," she says. "You look at someone else, and they have this big fat round body ... and they eat a tiny amount of food ... so this diet is really helping them understand what is happening to them."

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Health news: Getting enough sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Posted by: smilie on Monday/May 09/2005 - 02:39 AM
Health Fitness 
What is the right amount? Try eight ahours of sleep to keep yourself out of sleep debt and problems The value of exercise and good eating habits have long been recognized in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is also important to balance your exercise regiment with the proper amount of rest. Leading experts in the field now believe that the proper amount of rest may actually add years to the life span. Diet, proper sleep and exercise, coupled with rest and relaxation, are all important factors in preserving the....

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Fashion Trends Overview: Ten Things You Need in Spring-2005

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/May 03/2005 - 12:22 AM
Ten things you need in summer-2005:

1) The wide-legged pant, preferably khakis – CK Khaki and Gap will do

2) The tunic – shirt or a dress – to be worn over slim capri and Bermuda shorts

3) Something feathery: a belt, a cap, some detailing will do

4) Platform shoes: the hippier, the better

5) Bermuda shorts in classy shades of ecru, beige, black or khaki

6) The tiered skirt with LOTS of embellishment

7) Something python to clutch

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Nutrition for Women

Posted by: smilie on Monday/April 25/2005 - 10:36 PM
Health Fitness 
Women, Take Charge of your Health Are you grabbing fast food for lunch or, even worse, skipping it entirely? As you probably know, these patterns don’t help when it comes to your weight loss plan. But a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy diet. Here are some tips to help:

· Eat Many Mini Meals

Research shows that women who keep their weight steady are usually those who eat at least four times a day and don’t skip meals. This keeps your hunger to a minimum and is a great way to get more nutrients. ....

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