Calorie Calculator

Posted by: smilie on Thursday/January 13/2005 - 05:24 PM
Health Fitness 
Here's how to determine how many calories you need to maintain and to lose weight

Q: How many calories do I need to consume in a day to maintain my current weight of 150 pounds?

A: It's simply a matter of math; here's the equation:

The first thing you need to do is determine your activity level. You are:

* Sedentary if you have a job or lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting and you exercise rarely, if ever.

* Active if your daily routine requires more activity than light walking; or you exercise aerobically for 45 to 60 minutes, three times every week.....

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Coping with THE CHANGE

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/January 11/2005 - 09:49 PM
Health Fitness 
The discomfort of menopause can be reduced through diet, exercise and hormone replacements

If menstruation is the "the curse," then menopause is with its potential for insomnia, hot flashes, depression and loss of sex drive might be called the super curse.

But a growing number of women are finding that big changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise, along with informed use of hormone replacements, can make this end of reproductivity is "the change" is a good sight more tolerable if still not actually a walk in the park.

"It is a big change, a burning away of what is not relevant in....

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French women do it right

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/January 05/2005 - 03:41 PM
Health Fitness 
Even the book is slender and graceful.

"French Women Don't Get Fat," I mean -- Mireille Guiliano's irresistibly titled book published last week by Alfred A. Knopf and already selling like butter-smothered, maple-syrup-laden hot cakes.

I felt like popping a wedge of gooey, dripping reblochon cheese into my mouth at the sight of the word "French," but instead I sat down and started reading. Seventy pages into the book, I scooped up a handful of organic baby carrots and resumed consuming some of the most common-sensical advice I've ever read or heard.

I don't do diet books. Don't read them, write about them....

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Dietitian says eating the right foods is the key to healthy living

Posted by: smilie on Monday/January 03/2005 - 02:56 PM
Health Fitness 
As the calender rolls into 2005, some people make resolutions to become healthy.

Many turn to a variety of methods, including fad diets that limit carbohydrates, to lose weight.

As people began to explore nutritional options, Debbie Herbst, dietitian at McCune-Brooks Hospital, recommends limiting portion sizes and better food choices as a way to begin a healthy lifestyle.

"Fad diets do not work," Herbst said. "It's unrealistic to avoid a certain food group.

"It's just not healthy."

Herbst said in the short term, a person may experience a weight loss; however, long term problems may develop, especially with diets that focus on eating large amounts....

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New Year beauty tips

Posted by: smilie on Monday/January 03/2005 - 02:48 PM
Beauty Tips 
Shereen Low speaks to the experts to find out what your 2005 beauty resolutions should be.

With the New Year approaching, let's not neglect beauty regimes. We speak to the experts to find out what our 2005 resolutions should be.

Charles Worthington, celebrity stylist

Charles, whose fans include Sophie Dahl, Jodie Kidd and Rosanna Arquette and whose haircare products are sold at Boots, says: "Get regular trims every six weeks to keep split ends at bay and your style in shape.

"You should also treat dehydrated, over-styled hair to a weekly deep intensive conditioning treatment. Wrap your hair in a warm towel while the....

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Skin Care Essentials

Posted by: smilie on Monday/January 03/2005 - 02:41 PM
The monsoon season ends and winter sets in, the colours in every wardrobe change dramatically from bold to mellow and bright to pastels.

Shops & boutique houses are bringing out their winter collections. Gear up to face this bitter winter with our skincare tips for this season to get a fresh , smooth and silky skin. Read on..

Winter often spells disaster for your skin. It looks rough and chapped, feels tight and drawn. What should be one of your greatest assets becomes one of your biggest beauty problems. You have to take extra care for your skin during this season and....

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How To Get Luxurious Skin

Posted by: smilie on Monday/January 03/2005 - 02:38 PM


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5 style tips for 2005

Posted by: smilie on Monday/January 03/2005 - 02:36 PM
Whether you're hitting a raucous party tonight or spending a quiet evening at home, at some point -- if you haven't done so already -- you may be thinking about New Year's resolutions.

Maybe you're not the type to write them down. Maybe you just keep a running list in your head.

Here are my suggestions for resolutions culled from what I've learned in five years of covering fashion and beauty, and watching "Oprah" for years. Take what you can use. Remember, they're suggestions, not commandments.


My favorite T-shirt bears this motto: "Start a Revolution -- Stop Hating Your Body." If....

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Raising Healthy Eaters

Posted by: smilie on Friday/December 17/2004 - 08:09 PM
Health Fitness 
Always look both ways before crossing the street, never talk to strangers, always dial 9-1-1 in an emergency and never eat with your mouth open. Always and never are two of the most influential words in every parent’s vocabulary. The commonly known terms will partake in many of the most important conversations that a parent will have with their child.

When it comes to discussing nutrition and healthy eating, however, those two words should vanish from a parent's vocabulary.

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The new face of America

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/December 14/2004 - 08:21 PM
Changing U.S households have real estate, marketing implications

American households look a lot different than they did 30 years ago. Overall, households are smaller, more people are putting off getting married and families with one stay-at-home parent -- once the understood norm -- have been placed in a demographic of their own, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In its recently released "America's Families and Living Arrangements: 2003" survey, the U.S. Census reports the average size of American households has decreased to 2.57 people in 2003 from 3.14 people in 1970.

Only 10 percent of households have 5 or more members compared with....

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Christmas Pure and Simple!

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/December 07/2004 - 05:35 PM
Share your ideas for a simple Christmas

“Fragmented”, she replied when I asked her how she was feeling. She had bought into the common philosophy that being busy is somehow a virtue.

I’ve been there too. Most of us have. We buy into the notion that we must “be more”, “do more” and have more”. We find ourselves fragmented and stretched like a piece of worn out elastic.

Oh, there are seasons of life where busyness does prevail and we run. Yet when it becomes a constant way of life, and we run weary, we need to take action. Simplicity can be a....

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Busy women have options for treating fibroid tumors

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/December 07/2004 - 05:25 PM
Uterine artery embolization requires less recovery time than hysterectomy

Nicole Williams of Columbia probably isn’t quite as busy as Condoleezza Rice, a top adviser President Bush has named as the next secretary of state.

But when Williams decided to have something done about her fibroid tumors, she chose the same treatment Rice did recently: uterine artery embolization.

Though not for everyone, it’s an option for women who are too busy for tumors — and too busy for the hysterectomy that is the most common remedy for them.

“I couldn’t afford to be out of work for six weeks,” said Williams, a radiology support specialist....

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Secrets of beautiful women

Posted by: smilie on Sunday/November 28/2004 - 01:59 PM
Beauty is a curious thing. It knows no age, no race, no gender. It starts with an inner sense of peace and confidence that radiates to outer grace and elegance.

Susie Porter’s definition of beauty requires no magic creams or special wardrobe. "For me, beauty is more of an inner confidence," she says. "It’s the ability to connect with people."

And like all fine things, beauty gets better with age. "I think older women have a greater degree of that true beauty," she says. "That inner confidence comes with life experiences."

She says it's something she first noticed when she entered....

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Women use deep freeze to cheat biological clock

Posted by: smilie on Saturday/October 30/2004 - 04:34 PM
WOULD-BE mothers are putting their eggs into deep freeze as they search for Mr Right and concentrate on their careers.

Single career women are thinking ahead and storing their eggs for lifestyle rather than medical reasons.

The technology to remove healthy eggs and freeze them indefinitely has been available in Australia for about six months.

Queensland Fertility Group's Dr Warren DeAmbrosis said about 30 women had so far frozen their eggs.

The procedure is also used for medical reasons such as women undergoing cancer treatment or early menopause.

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No more excuses to skip the gym, ladies

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/October 27/2004 - 03:12 PM
Health Fitness 
Women don't like to sweat on the treadmill alongside bulky men because we're too self-conscious about how our cellulite jiggles. Or else the rock-hard guys won't let an ab-fab woman work out in peace.

Now, though, that can't be our excuse to skip the gym after a grueling day at the office. Women can enter the sweet-smelling gym and take a mind-balancing pilates class, climb a mountain on the stationary bike, heave face-contorting weights and stretch fatigued muscles without ever having to lay eyes on men.

One avid exerciser who regularly takes advantage of aerobics classes and cardiovascular training in the women's-only....

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Stressed Out? Work Out

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/October 19/2004 - 05:27 PM
Health Fitness 
6 moves for a better night's sleep

Intro / Wall Roll-Down

Skip the nightcap. Turn off Leno. It's no surprise that 66% of Americans blame all their nighttime tossing and turning on stress, reports the Better Sleep Council. But there's a smarter, more effective way to relax after a tough day.

You can quiet your mind, release muscle tension, and beat stress with a few simple stretches. In a study at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, 86 healthy women who were having trouble sleeping needed 60% less sleep medication and fell asleep 30% faster when they stretched four times a....

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Vegetarian diets and nutritional lifestyle change

Posted by: smilie on Tuesday/October 19/2004 - 04:42 PM
Health Fitness 
Experts say if you decide to take the veggie plunge, do it the right way. Plan in advance on what will replace the protein in meat. Beans, nuts and soy are good alternatives. Also, take vitamin B 12 and iron supplements to avoid the dip in those nutrients that many vegetarians experience.

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10 facts you must know about weight

Posted by: smilie on Saturday/October 16/2004 - 02:26 PM
Health Fitness 
So you want to slim down for summer? But what about all those rumoured side effects of dieting like stretch marks and mood swings? And can you ever really get rid of cellulite? Find out now

Q Does weight come off all over your body including breasts?

A Women's breasts are made up of fatty tissue, and when you lose weight it comes off pretty evenly all over your body, including your breasts. "In women weight is generally lost from the boobs first, and the hips last," says exercise physiologist, Damien Kelly. "Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do to encourage....

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Changes in lifestyle can reduce your risk of heart disease

Posted by: smilie on Wednesday/October 13/2004 - 07:25 PM
Health Fitness 
Nearly half of American women know that heart disease kills more women than any other condition. More disturbing, one in three physicians surveyed in a Gallup Poll were unaware of this statistic. Most women have a greater fear of breast cancer, yet heart disease kills 10 times more women than breast cancer every year, according to the American Heart Association.

The hopeful news is that many of the most threatening risk factors for heart disease are things we can do something about. It's just the opposite for breast cancer: Changing our diet or environment can only modestly reduce our risk of....

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What Women Want Expo: What do they want?

Posted by: smilie on Monday/October 11/2004 - 04:30 PM
From tattoos to fashion shows, expo offers many different things for women

Mary Holguin said she felt a little like royalty over the weekend.

She was given flowers, allowed to sample expensive perfume and had her hair and make up done by stylists.

"It makes you feel good, even if it's just for a few hours," Holguin of Ivanhoe said.

Holguin was just one of an estimated 8,000 women who attended the 2-day What Women Want Expo at the Visalia Convention Center for a chance at a few hours of pampering.

The expo, which catered to women, offered them a variety of activities from shopping....

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